Board Minutes

5th Board Meeting May 2017:


1. Updates from the DBpedia Association

  1. New members: FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure, SWC, eccenca GmbH, Linked Open Data Initiative and the Fraunhofer Society joined the DBpedia Association.


  • Most of the members of the DBpedia Association are students.

  • Near to 20 individuals, research institutes and organizations joined the DBpedia Association.

  • Question: Are these PhD students?

    • PhD students do not have to pay for membership.

    • We do not distinguish between Bachelor/Master or PHD students.

  • Next potential chapters to join:

    • German Chapter:

      • We gave Harald Sack the Lead of the German DBpedia chapter.

        • TODO Julia and Sebastian: separate call with Harald Sack

    • Japanese Chapter:    

      • Linked Open Data Initiative (LODI) is a non-profit organization. They will sign the MoU and when they have new members they will join the LODI.

      • LODI already joined the DBpedia Association.

    • Korean Chapter: TODO Sebastian to contact Key-Sun

    • Italian Chapter: Dimitris is in contact with Marco and Michele

      • They have adapted the MoU for the Italian DBpedia chapter and they are in the process of sending it out to the candidate members.

    • Polish Chapter: Sebastian is in contact with Witold Abramowicz

      • Potential to meet with Polish National Library and Ministry of Digitization

      • Suggestion: to organize a workshop in August in Poland

  • DBpedia Community Committee (CC)

    • 2 new chairs: Pablo Mendes and Magnus Knuth

    • committee can be joined by recommendation only (requirement: three personal recommendations from current members of the Community Committee)

    • Individuals that wish to join should also be or become a member of the association, either via individual membership or as employee of a membership organisation.

    • Last week Magnus and Pablo invited people to join the CC.

    • Update from Magnus:

      • We sent 14 invitations to potential members.

      • 7 people (from Germany & Dutch) already accepted our invitation.

    • Sebastian:

      • We could put the CC members on the website, but they should be affiliated to DBpedia.

      • How can people become member of the CC? → We should have a better strategy for inviting and selecting new members.

    • Pablo:

      • We would like to have more developers to join.

      • A lot of GSoC students would like to participate. → They are asking for the right way to participate.

      • Sandro Coelho should give an update at the next DBpedia board meeting about new DBpedia members.

  • DBpedia Advisory Committee

    • Request from Sebastian: to ask Christian Dirschl for the Advisory Committee → request is approved

  • Strategy Survey

    • As we discussed in Leipzig during the DBpedia community/board meeting Sören Auer prepared a strategy survey to assess direction where we are going. We spread the survey via the first DBpedia Newsletter, mailing lists, slack and social media.  

    • TODO: Julia will evaluate the DBpedia strategy survey. We will publish the results in anonymized, aggregated form on the DBpedia website.

  • Open Text Extraction Challenge

    • Sebastian and Sören created a new DBpedia challenge. Participants are asked to submit their engines that extract facts and knowledge from Wikipedia article texts to dramatically broaden and deepen the amount of structured DBpedia/Wikipedia data.

    • We will pay the price money (2000€ for this year) from the association budget.

    • We’ve got 2 good submissions.

  • Newsletter

    • Next week we will send the second DBpedia Newsletter to the DBpedia community.

    • The newsletter will be spread via DBpedia mailing lists.

  • Webinars

    • We would like to publish webinars, which thematize Semantic Web, Linked Data, & DBpedia.

    • Maybe we can combine with Harald Sack to have better content on the DBpedia  website.

    • Harald could advertise DBpedia in a webinar or on his own channel.

      • TODO: Julia/Sandra contact Harald for this cooperation/webinars.

      • Idea: people can sign up on the DBpedia website for such a webinar.

    • remark from Enno: Linked data fragments is not shown on the DBpedia website.

      • We have to restructure the DBpedia use-case/ project sites.

      • We need to promote the DBpedia projects and use-cases on the website.

      • We will promote linked data fragments on the DBpedia website.


2. Collaborations with Libraries, Media and Publishing

  • Report on Meeting with Springer Nature

  • Report on meeting with German National Library

  • Both were enthusiastic that DBpedia would host their data in SPARQL endpoint.

    • Ca. 200 million triples each

    • DBpedia user benefit: more interesting queries

    • Query log provides valuable analysis how their data can be used.

  • Discussion about the SPARQL endpoint and data integration:

  • Meeting with publishers and libraries at SEMANTiCS 2017

    • The DBpedia community will get together on the 14th of September for a DBpedia community meeting.

    • And we would like to organize a workshop for publisher at the SEMANTiCS (11st of September).

3. Direct Fundraising

  • All members are asked to contact companies for direct support.

  • TODO Sebastian and Dimitris to investigate a library license contract, i.e. subscribe DBpedia for educational support, e.g. an university library pays so that DBpedia is available for courses

4. Community / Project Fundraising

5. Public Fundraising

  • DBpedia had the first public fundraising campaign on the website and social media. So far, we received 309€ donations.  

  • We removed the banner on the DBpedia website.

  • We need to incorporate donation features into the DBpedia Linked Data Pages TODO: OpenLink

    • Delayed after Virtuoso 8

  • Julia prepared some Google analytics charts to gain user insights.

6. PR/Marketing

  • Sandra Praetor joined the DBpedia team again.

    • She will re-activate the dbpedia communication group and she will support the DBpedia PR and marketing team.

7. DBpedia cooperations

8. DBpedia live

  • Patrick: Live-extraction is not working at the moment

    • We need to fix this!

    • We need a new system, like an email notification system  if the server is down.

  • Sebastian: In the next few months we will improve the DBpedia hosting

    • At the moment the hosting is not quality controlled.

    • TODO: Patrick needs a list of web services to implement an e-mail notification system if the web server is down.

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