Board Minutes

6th Board Meeting September 2017:


New members of the DBpedia Association:

    • More than 102 students and 15 individuals, research institutes as well organizations joined the DBpedia Association.

      • 14 pending requests from students

      • 4 pending requests from individuals and start-ups

    • Springer Nature due to internship

    • request for a voluntary payment option:

      • None

    • Request:

      • If the DBpedia Association provide some official testimony, Gerard Kuys  can do useful work for DBpedia in working hours made available by Ordina. → He asked for an official certificate. → TODO Sebastian: provide a certificate for Gerard.  

    • Letter of Support issued:

      • In the last months DBpedia prepared different LoS.

      • Question: Should these be visible to the board? → No objections.  


Chapter Development

Chapter Updates

  • New DBpedia Chapter Coordinator: Dimitris Kontokostas

      • We really need someone to build the structure of the chapters, this means:

      • get key organizations to join

      • get a chapter lead and a vice

      • get a technical coordinator

      • (optional) sign the MoU

    • Overall, we need to set goals for the chapters like:

Portuguese Chapter

  • Sandro Coelho gave an update about the upcoming members of the DBpedia Portuguese chapter.

      • Large presence at Universities in Brazil and some local companies

        • We need to create a survey to know how they use DBpedia.

        • We will ask them to become member of the DBpedia Association.

  • Working in progress:

Industry collaboration/funding/ symbiotic business models

  • New collaborations/invited experts:

    • they are interested in setting up and pushing the NLP department of DBpedia

      • relation extraction from Wikipedia article text

      • finding complementary facts on the web and references for existing facts

  • Virtuoso Attribute-based access control ABAC

    • Community members can refine/patch data and load in central store

    • Access tickets for this data

  • commercialisation of Web Services via a DBpedia API

    • We would like to try turning to commercialisation of Web Services via a DBpedia API.

    • We will offer services for free as well as paid services.

    • Our idea was to pour all the web services we have into Swagger like

    • We will create a sample API page with all our current services and swagger and then slowly add paid services step by step.


    • One way for success is to find an investor.

    • Martin mentioned the Openphacts foundation: The needs of the pharma companies established the foundation of Openphacts. We should discuss data-based services in more detail.

    • Idea: Let’s discuss the commercialisation of web services at the next DBpedia Community Meeting in Amsterdam.

Academic/public fundraising

  • On-going project proposals

  • Donations -> failed, no more actions taken




5th Board Meeting May 2017:

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